Digital Maritime Consultancy ApS

Who we are

Digital Maritime Consultancy (DMC) is a small Danish company situated in Copenhagen, established in 2017, with the purpose of working with the Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) and related topics. DMC employees have been involved with all aspects of MCP, including software development, hosting, documentation, specification and governing (the CEO of DMC established the MCP consortium in 2019).

What we do

DMC offers a variety of services and solutions all related to the MCP:

  • Hosting MCP Services (shared): DMC offers access to an MCP Identity Registry, managed by DMC. This identity registry will be shared by different organisations.
  • Hosting MCP services (exclusive): If organisations wish to have their own MCP, DMC can establish one in a hosted environment, and manage this for the client.
  • Hosting of services: DMC can offer hosting of services (delivery of AtoN information for instance) that utilise MCP for authentication and service discoverability.
  • Consultancy: In the areas of utilising MCP, MCP integration, service development, service specification (according to IALA G1128 and SECOM) and related topics.

Currently DMC offers MCP identity registry services, but when final specifications for other MCP components are ready (Maritime Messaging Service and Maritime Service Registry) - these will also be provided by DMC.

Current activities

DMC is very active in the MCP consortium, IALA and The Open Digital Incubator Initiative. The CEO of DMC is currently,

  • Chairing the general working group of the MCP consortium
  • Leading the IALA task group on development of technical service specification for the provision of AtoN information
  • Leading the IALA task group on development of technical service specifications for VTS
  • Coordinating the Digital Incubator initiative, which focuses on implementation and validation of technical services

DMC is participating in the EU Baltic Sea Region project 'MaDaMe', led by Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland. This project focused on many of the aspects DMC is working with, mainly technical services and MCP.

Furthermore - DMC is a members of team AIVeNautics.

Our competencies

Maritime Identity Registry

As a team of cybersecurity and maritime experts, we possess the proficiency in implementing and operating MIR's standard specifications and reference implementation.

Maritime Messaging Service

We have participated development of the specification and protocol (MMTP and SMMP) of MMS, including implementation and deployment of the MMS network.

MSR distributed ledger

We have developed the MSR Ledger, a decentralized system for global service discoverability within distributed MSR architectures, and are operating it in the MCC Testbed.

Maritime Resource Registry

In collaboration with IALA and KRISO, we have implemented the Maritime Resource Registry, inspired by the DNS structure, as a distributed system utilizing Maritime Resource Name (MRN) as the ID for maritime resources.

MCP Management Portal

We have been developing and managing the Management Portal, a user-friendly frontend prioritizing ease of use, enabling administrators to effortlessly access and utilize all MCP components.

Contact Information

Digital Maritime Consultancy ApS

Frederiksborggade 5

1360 KĂžbenhavn K